I believe that we were born to create.

Our creativity is what makes us unique.

I also know that our natural creativity as children is often conditioned out of us. Through schooling, parenting and cultural and social pressures, we grow to be fearful of making mistakes and learn that we need to fit in to what others expect of us.  

I tried to follow many different paths, trying to fit in to already established job roles or careers. What I did not realise was that the life I was looking for had to stem from the spark that was within me.  

Drawing from many years of spiritual inquiry, art and continually trying and failing in life, I have learnt that:

  • We have to create the life we want and not follow any one else's idea of how we should be or what we should be doing.

  • The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

  • There is no such thing as failure, just learnings along the way.

  • We have to define success on our own terms. Security, respect and value come from within.

  • We are not sheep. We are conscious, intelligent, beings with the ability to change our destiny.

  • Mindfulness, or the awareness and acceptance of all that is right now, is the gateway to expansion.

I know that creativity takes enormous courage. It is my passion and pleasure to support you to bring your creative urges into the world.