Do you have the courage to open up to the treasures within you?

You may already be creative - an artist, writer, crafter or entrepreneur - in touch with the excitement of building something new and the joy of self expression. You may also be in touch with a sense of lack - lacking in confidence, money, skills, motivation or time - that stop you from developing your creative impulses to their fullest potential.

What if this sense of lack is down to beliefs that are not true? And the truth is that you are powerful, confident and capable of building the a life that is truly yours?

“Our unique contribution in this world is born of our creativity” Brene Brown

I believe that there are two choices we make in life, to follow our soul or follow our ego. The more we follow our soul the stronger we feel and the more we give in to fears the smaller and more powerless we feel. Potent Creatives will support you to step on the path of conscious creativity, guiding you to follow your soul’s yearnings and overcome your fears.

Following this path takes us on a journey that will reveal opportunities never previously imagined possible. However, the steps we take to follow the urges of our soul require courage. It is a hero's journey. 

We must face our demons that tell us we are not good enough or that we don't really know. Fears of relationships falling apart, failure and losing money will rise up. All too often we can be stopped in our tracks and give up hope. When we reach deep within, we find that following the path of our soul's calling is the only path to take.

As we push through our comfort zones, we expand our being. In our wisdom we know how to embrace our demons, act from love rather than fear and turn our lead into gold., so that we can bring our treasures to the world.

I believe that we all have a unique offering to bring to the world. The "what?" or "how?" is not always clear and sometimes we need a little help to find our way.

Through workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions, Sarah supports people to access their deep creativity and face their fears, so that they can bring whatever they have been yearning for into reality. 

In our willingness to step into the unknown, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe_ (3).jpg