Drawing from a background in mindfulness, business and art, I have developed techniques that connect with the heart of what we want to create in the world, that catalyse creative flow and that bring visions into reality. I take participants on a journey into awareness of themselves so that they can gain inspiration, face resistance and move forward with confidence.

Your Creative Journey

Designed to give you the best opportunity to bring whatever you have been yearning for into reality. A one to one, 3 month commitment to:

  • Create a vision for your life that comes from your soul

  • Face and embrace your fears and self-limiting beliefs

  • Move forward with confidence and let the magic happen!

One to One coaching

One-off sessions with me in person or via Skype to address any issues you have with expressing yourself more fully and creatively, such as:

  • Releasing Resistance

  • Following your soul’s urges

  • Getting into your creative flow

  • Being inspired

  • Letting go of beliefs that limit you

Weekend workshops with clay

Fun and hands on weekends to:

  • Get really creative with colour and clay.

  • Experientially learn about your unique creative process and what holds you back in crafting, and in your life.

  • Tap into your soul’s yearnings and set vision for what you want to create in your life .