One off Workshops

Bespoke workshops for 1 to 30 people using mindfulness to calm and relax, and clay to experiment, play and get out of our heads and into creative flow. You will learn more about your own creative process and will apply this technique to getting creative on a current issue or question in your organisation.


  • Learn how mindfulness can be used to not only calm and relax employees, but how, once in a relaxed state, we are infinitely more creative

  • Learn the essential attitudes required for creativity

  • Understand what holds us back when we want to be creative and how to move through the resistance

  • Have fun, relax and enjoy working with clay

  • Apply techniques to get creative on a real business issue

  • Understand how to nurture a relaxed and forward thinking environment

Longer term workshops and consulting

Whatever your challenges and needs, I work with you to integrate mindfulness and creativity into your organisation so that you can find your centre and build a collaborative culture that is able to dance with the ebbs and flows of your external environment whilst finding opportunities and solutions that have an impact.


  • Integrate mindfulness and creativity into your organisation

  • Learn how to deal with overwhelm and uncertainty

  • Focus on creating the future rather than fearing it

  • Become more aware of issues you may have been avoiding, and get creative on how to deal with them

  • Develop invigorated and happier employees who bring more of themselves to what they do

  • Create better output, more efficient work processes and a clearer vision of what and why you do what you do

Sarah held a unique space where participants felt safe and willing to take risks.... What resulted were quite amazing insights and perspectives