The creative process really started with the intention to do the workshop. Whilst I wasn’t conscious of what was happening, I was aware that the activities were accessing something deep inside. Within a day, the penny droppped on an issue that I had been grappling with for a while. I knew exactly what I needed to do.
— Caroline, Creative DIrector, Dab Apps

Sarah held a unique space where participants felt safe and willing to take risks. She took us on a journey where we focussed on an area of our lives where we wanted inspiration and direction. What resulted were quite amazing insights and perspectives - that all came from me!
— Vivienne, Life Coach

We all want the life we love but most of us lack the beliefs, resources and inner freedom to make this happen. We’re weighed down by life’s baggage, damaged by inner doubts and terrorised by our demons - all of which tell us it is hopeless. Now imagine blowing up the detritus. Imagine lighting up your world. Imagine you can see the stars. Imagine reaching for them. That’s what this potent course has done for me. It’s given me the tools, beliefs and inner freedom to live the life I love.
— Hana Fazal, Writer

Sarah has the wisdom and earthiness to hold a space for me to be vulnerable. I feel that I could tell her anything and it would be OK. This enabled me to feel I could express myself however I wanted. Not only was that such a relief, but expressing what I might have thought was stupid or embarassing laid the foundation for coming up with some pretty ingenious ideas and “aha” moments. It was a fascinating process.
— Lorraine, Artist

I was fed up of giving myself excuses for not finishing my book, so thought I’d come to one of Sarah’s courses. What I realised was that I was scared of not being good enough, and had no idea how to overcome that. We did a series of meditations and exercises that enabled me to confront and feel my fears. I can honestly say that the shift has been seismic.
— Imogen, Writer